View Full Version : some help customizing knoppix please?

01-23-2005, 08:28 AM
Couple of questions on some things I have been trying desperatly to customize on my own.

I run Knoppix 3.6 Hard Drive Install

First: in KDE when u click the kmenu button and the program menus all come up there is a bar that says Knoppix running along side the menu What is the file name for this graphic and where is it stored? I would like very much to change it.

Second: I've been also trying hard to figure out how to install new window decorations that I download from kde-look.org, I read the instructions there but theres no option in the window decoration section of the control panel to 'install a new decoration' and dragging them from Koqueror dosnt do anything either. So how does a person do this?

Third: Sometimes when I have superkaramba running with about 4 themes and have a konqueror and a few firefox browsers open the machine will suddenly shutdown into the Knoppix Login menu (dosnt actually restart machine, just closes KDE) I checked how much my processor is being used and it seems to stay low around 7% and then spike to 79 or 80% every 7 or 8 seconds stay at this for only a second and drop again. Dont know if this has to do with the problem, just wondering if anyone has had a similar occurance and has the reason and solution for it?

Any help you guys can give me is GREATLY appreciated! I've wanted Linux for years and could never get it working, finally I find Knoppix and it worked so well I did a HDD install which I found easy and now I can enjoy the OS I've wanted for so long. So I'm new and just spending a lot of time trying to learn the ropes, thanks again