View Full Version : Help mounting and unmounting partitions on desktop

01-26-2005, 08:29 PM
I posted this like more than two days ago, but I guess no one looks at the place where I posted my questions, so I'm going to try here.

I have been using knopppix for about three months and I really love it the way and its easiness for letting me customize it and add new packages. I found it to be very stable most of the 95% of the time.
However, I have one issue with it that I haven't been able to resolve Confused
I need clear step by step instructions on:

1- how to set my hardrive and cdrom icons to be permanently located or mounted under one specifc folder on my desktop or whatever destination I may choose.
2- how to stop the disappearing of my preferred hardrive and cdrom image icons that I have assigned to these devices and prevent them from setting themselves back to default everytime everytime I reboot my computer.
3- and last, how to stop one of these devices from mounting or apperaring onto my desktop. In other words there is one specifc hardrive or partion that I don't want to show(mount) at all onto my desktop.

I have tried modifying and deleting some lines in the fstab, but it seems the it always go back to the its default modificatons. Thus, the lines that I delete or modified go come back to the previous way that they were before.

Please help with this and thank you in advance

Best regards,


Knoppix 3.7 HD installed
Intel Pentium 4 2.40 Ghz
768 Megs of Ram