View Full Version : Mounting /var /tmp /home etc on different partitions..?

01-29-2005, 02:30 AM

I am just going 2 install Knoppix from live CD and therefore have a question,
whether is it posssible 2 install : / , /var , /tmp , /usr , /home
on differrent HD partitions?
Is there such an option in knoppix-installer?

I hava a 10 GB prepared for Knoppix, what ratios would be the most all-round?
I've already split it in 1.7 GB, 0.5 GB, 0.5 GB, 2 GB and the rest for /home?

Would this be a good idea?
My goal is that I wan to make some fun with knoppix and other distros and
I would like to be sure rhan when I change my distro in future my documents,
data settings etc, will still be there...