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01-29-2005, 03:21 PM

I will get a Fritz!Box Fon Wlan, so I've decided to go to kernel-2.6.9. During boot-process (hd-install, knoppix 3.7 from Dec2004) the system ask for a file


which is missing. A link to /etc/modules-2.4.27 doesn't work well, a lot of error will occur. What is to do?

Additional I have much trouble with acpi on my laptop (TP R51): I have no idea to go in sleep, suspend or powersave mode (with comming up later...).

It seems, there must be a lot of work done until Fritz!Box WLAN will work nicely.

Thanks for help.

Rest of KNOPPIX is very nice - I enjoy it. Thanks!

01-30-2005, 04:30 PM

but I have learned. A secoung installation brought the missed file.

Now there are the problems of WLAN:
all drivers seams to be loaded. After unloading and loading

iwlist eth2 scan

works well, but there is no possibility to enter frequency or channel or essid via

iwconfig eth2 essid "...." channel "..."

In the manual was written, that most of the time this error occurs if installation is wrong....

Compilation of ipw2100 is not possible while the some files are missing. Where can I get them? Which files are neccessary?

The connection to the AccessPoint via line works. Nice.