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01-30-2005, 04:03 AM
My specs of laptop are here (http://www.knoppix.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16223&start=10)

I cannot get the audio to work or the WiFi to work. I'm not really concered about the Wifi because I just ordered an Orinoco Classic Gold. The audio is a SoundMAX intergrated. Anybody know how to get that to work?

Lilo is working great but I would like to mod it. Currently on boot it says:

I would like it to be
With XP being default. (and just using the 2.6 version of linux)

Having a step-by-step how-to would be nice on modifying this. I guess I don't know how to "commet out" something once I get into the /ect/lilo.conf. I have tried to use the suggestions on this site, but no luck.

I have an XP laserjet 2 that is hooked to my XP box via LPT. It is shared out for other windows systems. I'm not shure if it can be done, but I would like to hook up on that so I can print via my network on Knoppix.

I have a CDRW/DVD combo. Whats the easiest way to - burn CD's and watch DVD's? Do I already have the apps needed?
For instance, When I use The CD Kreator - it says "K3b did not find a suitable writer. You will only be able to creat an image." Although when i put a DVD in, it shows me the .VOB files...

Any help in ANY of these areas would totally be killer!

01-30-2005, 10:40 PM
I got the audio working.. It was just turned WAY down..

01-31-2005, 12:49 AM
Ok. (I guess this is a worklog for me).

I got the Windows shared printer working. Before I would get "NT_access_Denied". But here is how I tricked it.

- Log into the Printer wizard as Administrator.
- When you launch the Add printer wizard, choose SMB shared printer.
- In the next screen(user identification), choose Anonymous(no login/no password)
- Proceed to the next screen, and SCAN your network.(This is where you will get the NT_ACCESS_DENIED message if you try to access your Windows network)
- Now Don't touch anything, and go BACK one step to the previous screen (User identification).
- In the user identification screen, choose guest(login = "guest").
- Proceed to the next screen. DO NOT repeat a scan. Just try to access your Windows network in the displayed tree. You should magically see your Windows printer appear without any whining about access.


Now just DVD playback, CD burning and Lilo.... hmmm....

01-31-2005, 05:31 AM
Now just DVD playback, CD burning and Lilo.... hmmm....

DVD playback...xine should work, it has a DVD button.

CD burning: I use K3B. However, I have had some problems with k3b on my Knoppix 3.4 install which I was not able to solve. I switched to Kanotix and have not had any problems. IMHO this is the one big improvement kanotix has over knoppix...fewer buggy apps.

Lilo: The file to edit is /etc/lilo.conf. To change the default there is a line 'default=XXX'. To change the names which appear on the boot just change the 'label=XXX' line. To edit out a line just put a # as the first character in the line. You must be root to edit this file; from command line 'kdesu kate /etc/lilo.conf' will get you into kate (very good editor) as root but you must set a root password first, kdesu will need one. 'sudo passwd' will set root password. You must also run lilo to implement the changes into lilo, kate has a built in terminal panel. Since you will already be root, just type 'lilo'.

01-31-2005, 06:09 AM
Thanks man. I have been trying to use xine but "show GUI" was unchecked... I found it - thanks a lot man!

ahhh.. You know what.. I have been getting into Konsole and going through : su, password.. then root to edit the lilo. "Permission Denied". I have found that I needed to click on the penguin and go to Root shell.

Thanks again man.

I made a /etc/lilo.conf.old just incase I screw it up. If I do, is it going to be easy to put it back?
I understand about the # - making line not useable.. I just dont want to mess it up. I did make the "default" change.. but it didnt change the default..

I got it!

Thanks dude.