View Full Version : IceWM window decorations in KDE

01-30-2005, 11:52 PM
Heres the question, from researching and trying to figure out if it's possible it seems there is a way to use IceWM window decorations in KDE. I run a hard drive installation of Knoppix 3.7. The How-tos on kde-look say to go in control center, under appearences and themes, then under window decorations and change the window decoration to IceWM. Problem is there is no IceWM listed in there just 6 or 7 ones that came with KDE. I discoverd the directory .icewm.. in there is a file called theme containing:


However I dont see any of those directories or window decorations availible to me in the directory or in the control center.
So can anyone tell me how I might get a IceWM window decoration working in my KDE desktop?

02-22-2005, 10:39 PM
Check your window decorations for "icewm themes." if you don't see them on the list, you can try a couple of things, one of which worked for me. Try apt-get install icewm-themes. If that does not work, you can apt-get install kde, which will upgrade kde, and give you the icewm themes in your list of window decorations. Select icewm and then you should have a choice of different icewm themes listed below...