View Full Version : Debian freezing on LILO Config

01-31-2005, 05:25 PM
I use a Knoppix 3.4 version to install Debian on my HDD, but this is my HW config I've got 2 disks 80Gees hosting a WinXP Sp2 (master) and a 40Gees hosting nothing (slave) I've tryied to onstal Knoppix on the 40Gees I've config'ed al the shit, averything goes OK till the instalation of the boot loade - my case LILO - it dumps me some mesages in the console afterwords is asking me if I have an NT OS on the MBR parttion Y/N but I can give it any option Yes or Not couse the console is not responding while the XFree is Up and goes well.
I reboot and there's notinhg about my Debian.

Now I come and Ask ya guys: What the hell am I doin' wrron' here:?:

Do I have to make a small partition kinda like 8MB on the begining of the master HDD with a file system that would let both of OS's to read or write on the MBR or there's smth else which skipped me :?:

Thank for your support