View Full Version : Can I use APT to install packages in /usr/local

02-02-2005, 11:12 PM
I would like to install most packages in /usr/local. But I don't see options to apt-get or dpkg which allow me to specify the destination directory. Is it possible?

I get a number of packages installed and then want to move to a new version of Knoppix or something else and / gets destroyed and replaced. Then I have to do the package installation all over again.

Building from source doesn't seem like a good workaround. If I do a build using APT can I set the install directory?

02-03-2005, 01:25 AM
I would like to install most packages in /usr/local....


It appears from your post that your intent is to install packages so that they will remain even if you 'update' the system to a new version of Knoppix but installing to /usr/local will not accomplish that. /usr/local is still a directory under / which will be overwitten if you reinstall a new Knoppix version.

You could accomplish what you want to some degree by making a separate /home partition then using 'klik' to install apps since klik installs apps in /home directory but then you are limited to the apps available from klik.

Possibly a better solution would be to set up so there is virtually no need to update to a newer Knoppix version then just keep the system upgraded to whatever degree you wish using the normal Debian updating & upgrading procedures. The downside of this is that many users have experienced problems upgrading knoppix but it can be done. I have a Knoppix 3.4 'Knoppix-style' HD install which has survived several 'apt-get upgrades' although it kicks up a few bugs with each upgrade.

I have since switched to Kanotix, in my opinion this is the safest way to get an upgradable Knoppix based Debian system.

In theory you should be able to continuously upgrade a Debian system to remain current without ever have to do a total reinstall.

02-03-2005, 03:32 AM
I have a separate partition for /usr/local which survives a reinstall. All the stuff, that I build from source ends up in /usr/local and survives so i would like to do the same with those app's I install with APT.

I like the idea of klik. But I have tried to get five different apps but only two of them worked: wajig and abiword. Unfortunately, GIMP and Gnucash did not and they are important to me.

I have also switched to Kanotix in an effort get something that will be less transitory. Have you successflly tried a dist-upgrade? I have spent the last couple of days doing an apt-get -d upgrade and will give it a shot tomorrow.