View Full Version : fstab noauto --> auto??

04-06-2003, 02:01 PM
I installed Knoppix without using hdinstall but instead copied all CD's /KNOPPIX folders into one of my pre-made partitions. In this way when booting my HDD it boots same as the CD (starting with knoppix-autoconfig) and I get new hardwares auto installed.

A new /ect/fstab file is created each time. How to change the fstab generated script to get an "auto" option instead of "noauto" for the partitions what are found?

# Added by KNOPPIX
/dev/hda3 /mnt/hda3 ext3 noauto,users,exec 0 0
It should be like this:
/dev/hda3 /mnt/hda3 ext3 auto,users,exec 0 0

The purpose is to get partition (hda3) auto mounted. I tried edit /etc/init.d/knoppix-autoconfig but didn't work. How about /etc/auto.mnt or auto.master?

04-06-2003, 02:44 PM
none of them can be changed. They are symbolic link to the compressed image which is read only. One possible way is you copy the file into the initroot.gz file system and modify the linuxrc on it to copy them back to /etc/rcS.d/S**(of course you have to remove the link in linuxrc first).

04-12-2003, 03:30 AM
I tried edit /etc/init.d/knoppix-autoconfig but didn't work.
I took a second look at the knoppix-autoconfig and found the script installing "noauto" config.

# Normal partition
if [ -z "$fnew" ]; then
fnew="$p $d auto noauto,$options 0 0"
anew="$d -fstype=auto,$options :$p"
stringinfile "$fnew" "/etc/fstab" || echo "$fnew" >> /etc/fstab
Changed the line to:

fnew="$p $d auto auto,$options 0 0"