View Full Version : xmms ,deselect,show german dialogs

02-24-2005, 04:59 AM
i have installed knoppix 3.7 and apt-get upgraded to debian
it was going nice before upgrading
by mistake i made lilo write on my win98 partition and then knoppix was not booting
only grub was appearing i could not use the grub to find the linux boot
i have spent 15- 20 hrs to upgrade this installations downloaded from debian site
finally iwas able to make it boot from no6 debian boot disk and established lilo in linux partioion
now it boots up fine but some configurations changed.
half of the applications show german dialogs including deselet i cant understand german
how can i bring back the english us settings.?
kde desktop set to us english
i dont find any seperate applications settings anywhere
please help somebody

also i want to install skins for xmms but i am not able to write anything to the share/skin folder
how can i change permissions .
as it still boots with kernel as in cd
i could not succeed in installing debian system though i have all 7 iso downloads
after trying 4 5 times it always said couldnot open display
x server nevr started.

i am happy with this upgraded knoppix cd based installation

please show some light
ramaswamyps :)