View Full Version : After knoppix hdinstall settings don't get saved

03-07-2005, 06:37 PM
Hi all,

I did an hd install with knoppix-installer and succeeded. But when I want to change settings of different kde progs like kmix of kdetv i succeed for 1 session, but when I boot the compu again the settings are 'reset'.. and yes I tried all save-settings in the different programs themselves.. in some way the knoppix systeem seems to be read-only for specific config settings (installing programs works though, so partitions are mounted rw). it doesnt matter if im root or not.

can someone help me out? cuz i like knoppix a lot!! :)


03-09-2005, 10:53 AM
I had that problem too when i made a HD install. Then i heard of another distro called Kanotix which is based on Knoppix. It is a live CD too but fully optimized for HD installation and i don't see those kind of problems anymore. Since you've just started out and havent really settled yet with Knoppix, why not give it a try? :)

03-10-2005, 10:06 PM
Try to chmod 777 the directory in which the programs settings are saved.
or u can do this @ boot time... Try something like:

/dev/hdc6 /mnt/E ntfs uid=xxx,gid=xxx,rw,users

in /etc/fstab

uid=user id, and gid= group idea (ussualy 1000 if I remember correctly)
if this doesn't work, try deleting the files that contain the program settings of the specific program...
hopefully afterwards it will create a read/write capable file.. I suspect the knoppix-installer script
blankly copyd the files + their permissions from the cd when installing. =P lol

Can anyone help me with that script though... I posted something on it, bout 2 days ago.