View Full Version : Having problem with lilo

03-24-2005, 10:17 AM
Hi all,
i have some problem think is due to my partition error can some 1 pls guide me through this procedure.
Here wat i see in qtparted:
dev/hda-1 free (hidden)
dev/hda1 linux-swap
dev/hda2 ext2
dev/hda3 fat32
dev/hda-1 free (hidden)

Actually intended to put win98 into fat32 ,and knoppix 3.7 into ext2.
But after installation it still do not load lilo screen but always go back to win98 starup screen

.....Can any kind soul ple help??

03-24-2005, 08:00 PM
Need a little more information here. What do you currently have installed and where? The 'hidden' partitions are probably due to QTparted, it seems to make vfat (hidden) partitions instead of vfat sometimes.

from your knoppix CD, type 'sudo cfdisk' & post the results of what cfdisk finds for partitions.

normally you would want windows on hda1 and install it first (windows like to be first on the drive), then the rest will be on what dos would call an extended partition with linux designations starting at hda5. Don't use ext2, it's not reliable, convert it to an ext3 using tune2fs. see man tune2fs for details