View Full Version : X won't autostart after crash

05-14-2005, 07:46 PM
Hello -

I just installed 3.8.1 after running an older version of Knoppix on a HDD install for some time. Got it working fine (clean install on new disk). After using for a
few days, X crashed while viewing a picture. I rebooted, and now it boots to a text login. I login, type startx, and I can get to my KDE desktop, but only at 1024 by 778 (was running 1280 by 1064 previously). Tried configuring desktop, but 1024 x 768 is top size shown).

Questions are: 1) how do I get my X login screen back? and 2) How do I get my original resolution back? (Hardware is P4 1.4 GB with 256MB memory, ATI Radeon video card). Thanks for any help you can provide.