View Full Version : Tweaking Knoppix/Debian

05-28-2005, 05:18 PM
Hey everyone!

I finally got Knoppix to work with every piece of my hardware. Runs smooth! It's all nice but I'd like to tweak couple of things.

Note: When I was installing Knoppix I chose "Knoppix on HD like from CD" (or something like that) instead of two other choices (Debian on HD and the other thing). Sorry... Forgot the exact names. Why not Debian? When I did so I had some weird problems like changing language and my ethernet cards were not working.


1. When I installed Fedora 3 it prompted me that I have 512 MB of swap space and 1GB of RAM. It said that it could decrease performance. Is it true? Should I resize my swap to 1GB+?

2. I have a standard desktop (not a laptop). I like to put my PC in the hibernate mode for obvious reasons. How can I make Knoppix/Debian to hibernate? How can I set up my power button (if I press it) my PC goes into the hibernate mode?

3. If my PC can't hibernate, how can I make it standby? I have a nice rig with lots of case lights and fans. Is there a way to turn them off when my PC is in the standby mode?

4. Optimizing the boot process. It takes Knoppix/Debian about 30 seconds to boot on my PC. Anyway to make it faster?

5. Useless aps. How do I uninstall applications? I don't use a lot of them and probably never will.

6. Is there a way to emulate Windows games on Linux?