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06-25-2005, 05:36 AM

Hi all,

Im installing NS2 on hd installed knoppix 3.9 (debian). After completing the install process, the install script gave this message:


Please put /home/roustabout/ns-allinone-2.28/bin:/home/roustabout/ns-allinone-2.28/tcl8.4
into your PATH environment; so that you'll be able to run itm/tclsh/wish/xgraph.


You MUST put /home/roustabout/ns-allinone-2.28/tcl8.4.5/library into your TCL_LIBRARY environmental
variable. Otherwise ns/nam will complain during startup.

(1) My question where do i put this path environment? Is it in the bashrc located in the /etc?

export PATH

am i correct?

(2) For the second part, where do i find this TCL_LIBRARY variable?

Thank you.

p/s: i'm a linux newbie

06-25-2005, 12:54 PM
First check if you have set TCL_LIBRARY with: echo $TCL_LIBRARY
If you get no output do: echo "export TCL_LIBRARY=/home/roustabout/ns-allinone-2.28/tcl8.4.5/library" >> ~/.bashrc
If you get output do: echo "export TCL_LIBRARY=$TCL_LIBRARY:/home/roustabout/ns-allinone-2.28/tcl8.4.5/library" >> ~/.bashrc

Then do: echo "export PATH=$PATH:/home/roustabout/ns-allinone-2.28/bin:/home/roustabout/ns-allinone-2.28/tcl8.4.5/unix:/home/roustabout/ns-allinone-2.28/tk8.4.5/unix" >> ~/.bashrc

You can of course just add the lines to ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile instead of echoing them there.
If you want them systemwide for all users add them to /etc/profile