View Full Version : Net Connection Acting Up (Wvdial)

06-26-2005, 08:01 AM
I ran knoppix (3.4) off the live cd and had set up my net connection with wvdial and it works great.

However, after installing to the harddrive via knx-hdinstall script... now I start the net using wvdial, and it connects per usual and the console outputs the same and assigns the connection a pid. It stays connected great, PPPstatus reports the connection working, sending a packet to keep it alive and recieving a response but when I attempt to use any internet based applications such as gaim or mozilla, nothing. It's as if it wasn't connected, although the connection is alive.

It works great if I run it off the CD though.

Anyone have any ideas? Is it possibly a configuartion I need to look into?