View Full Version : Problem w/ Linksys wireless card on HP Pavilion ze5500

08-30-2005, 12:42 AM
I'm knew with knoppix and i just installed 3.9 on my laptop and am trying to get my wireless card to work. I used ndiswrapper and installed the driver lsbcmnds.inf but then a RESULT pops up and says:
The ndiswrapper module has been loaded but there is no new device. Perhaps NdisWrapper is not working with your driver file. and i am using the right diver both the one off the linksys site and off the cd but both give me the same message. any ideas...

I read somewhere that one guy had to change his kernel to get it to work or something is that is the case how would i go about doing that.

I am using the Linksys WPC54G