View Full Version : WUSB12 Prism2_usb Hilarity! (re: not hilarity)

09-01-2005, 11:32 AM
Ahh, this old problem. I am a Linux novice, but I quickyl became acquaitned with the taint of getting wireless setup with my first foray into Linux, Ubuntu. After a while, I had finally gotten it--and I remembered all the tricks perfectly; modprobe, lnxreq, the works. Of course--I still never solved the fact that the connection would just drop sometimes. But that's another story.

Now onto Knoppix 3.9. I am thoroughly impressed--and I want to use this badly. But I see, once again, that the forums are filled with people with similarly vague problems.

My problem is this: using the typical commands, ie rmmod prism2_usb and subsequent commands, yield nothing: indeed, I am told there is no such module in /proc/modules. Is prism2_usb on there *anywhere*? Do I have to put it on my hard drive first (annoyingly, I suppose)? If so--what specific files? Ubuntu had them in there, somewhere, I just had to enable them.

I really, really would like to explore Knoppix and anyone who could help would receive my utmost gratitude.

I am also curious as to how I would edit files: I actually see some things I believe I could tinker with, but I can't save anything, this being a livecd. LiveCDs are *very very* attractive to me, but I have only tinkered with them briefly before--namely, in environments where it was fully functional. So, what do I do if such and such a text file needs a few extra lines?