View Full Version : knoppix 4 dvd and vmware 5.0: very nice combination!

09-07-2005, 04:57 AM
This is more informative than question oriented:

I just installed vmware on my modest XP pro machine - 1.4 gig, 1 gig ram - and I must say how impressed I am with the software. It recognized the knoppix dvd and I was able to operate it with its usual grace from within windows xp. I have a stockpile of antique machines and this is a great way to "kick the tires" and test drive a distro before installing it. Moreover, vmware is also great at installing live cds from an iso file still on a hard drive - I gave "chubby puppy" linux and vector linux a spin.

If I could only figure out how to get knoppix to have rwx permissions in Gnome for my RedHat 9 drive, I would be all set!

09-08-2005, 08:39 PM
Also another suggestion along the same lines....

VMWare is great if you have the $$$$, but you should consider QEMU if you are on a shoestring budget (or just prefer to use open source solutions). Definately NOT all the bells and whistles of VMWARE, but it is perfect for checking out live CD's....