View Full Version : hd install in KNOPPIX v3.2 2003-04-18

04-25-2003, 10:59 AM
Am I the first one to notice this?

In KNOPPIX v3.2 2003-04-18 I type "sudo knx-hdinstall" and after the welcome screen xdialog pops up the "usage" dialog, i.e. how to use xdialog. It seems the options for xdialog may have changed.

Has anyone else noticed this or can try it, or does it work for you?

04-25-2003, 03:09 PM

I use the same version and there are no problems in running the script.

Mine runs fine in X and in shell...

04-25-2003, 05:13 PM
I also HD installed with this release. No problem was expirenced!
paul 8)