View Full Version : WLAN Config, Netcard-Config etc.

09-29-2005, 08:41 AM

my knoppix works fine on my AMILO A-1640, but there are some things that can work better.
Linux is based on many, many different config-files, and many faqs talk about "put something in to your config-file", never mentioning in which config-file or where this config-file is located.

I have three network-cards with my wlan plugged in and tow network-cards without it.
The first (eth0) seems to be the firewire-interface or the wlan-card of the notebook which is not plugged in. No problem with this.

When the Netgear-card is not plugged in then my CAT5-card gets eth1, it looks via DHCP and gets all needed info by my router.

When the Netgear-Card is plugged in (before boot) it gets eth1, but because the wlan-configs (WEP etc.) are not set it does not get an IP and so on. The CAT5-Card is eth2 then.

How can i tell knoppix to put the CAT5-card to eth2 or put the WLAN-card to eth2, disregarding if wlan is plugged or not?

I need to activate my wlan-card via the two utilities in the knoppix-menue, first the wlan-parameters (need to press 8 times RETURN after typing in root-password) and then configure eth1 to look for a DHCP-server.

Where do i need to put some lines in to tell linux to do this automatically?

Thanks a lot