View Full Version : persistent disk image not working with 4.0.2

10-01-2005, 01:37 PM
I am new to Knoppix but not linux. I can start Knoppix on my PC with the CD or DVD fine.
I use "K->KNOPPIX->Configure->Create a persistent KNOPPIX disk image" to
create a disk image (100MB) on my /dev/sda7 (empy 37G partition ext2 formated),
I can see the knoppix.img created. If I make some change (wall paper, 'touch ~/foo')
then reboot with "knoppix home=/dev/sda7" or "knoppix home=scan" I don't
see my changes re-appear. (nor do I see the blue screen with multiple choice box
that lets me select "system" during start up) why? I assume the disk image I created wasn't used.

To be sure I made the changes again and created a new image after the changes then reboot
again. I still don't see the changes. Then I tried to make the image on a USB
stick. It *works* with "knoppix home=scan" but *not* with "knoppix home=/dev/sdb1".

How do I check if the disk image is used? and if the image is not being used, what is wrong?

by the way I can use K->KNOPPIX->Configure->Save KNOPPIX Configuration to to save
config changes on a USB stick. From what I understood, this and the disk image are two separate
things. no?

can anyone tell me what the problem is? thanks