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10-03-2005, 02:23 PM

I'm curious to know if klik is a good solution for me. I'm interested in using it on an installed system, not a live CD. I'll just make a list of questions here...

1. I have very slow dialup internet. How much duplication of shared libraries exists with klik? In other words, will I end up wasting a lot of time downloading duplicate stuff if I get most of my apps over klik instead of apt?

2. How does klik work with programs like window managers or daemons (i.e. Enlightenment or the mwave controller for my laptop's built-in modem)? For example, if I install a Window manager, will it appear in my GDM or KDM menu as it does when installing it with apt? How about after a re-boot?

3. Does klik create menu entries? In the debian menu? In the Gnome menu?

4. I have a slow computer. Is there a long wait on old systems while the cmg is de-compressed?

5. What percentage of the apps work in other common non-debian distros, like Mandriva or SuSE?

Thanks for your help!

10-06-2005, 11:06 AM
Let me give you short answers -
1. Yes, depending on the application, your download will be larger. Since you never unpack a cmg, It will ususally not take more HD space however.
2. klik is for applications mainly, not for the base system
3. klik should create menu entries presently, but since menu generation is messy, it will be likely dropped in the future. You can put cmg files anywhere you want and just use them.
4. No noticeable speed decrease
5. Only the deb-based distributions are supported, SUSE is in progress, and we hear from lots of other distro users that it works for them. For specific apps, please see the respective app comments pages.