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10-03-2005, 07:29 PM
I just got a new Dell 9100 Desktop and was eager to try installing Knoppix. I have been using the CD on my old laptop but was not willing to risk losing my data (even with a backup). I had read all of the FAQs and forums prior to starting because I am new to Linux. The hard drive layout that came with the computer included SDA1 (fat16 configuration), SDA2 (ntsf Windows), SDA3 (Dell restore in fat32). I used qtparted to resize the ntsf partition into an ext3 partition. This worked without any problems. I then used the knoppix-installer from the root console. I selected to install on the ext3 partition (SDA4) and to put the bootloader into the MBR. The installation proceeded without any errors (to my knowlege). I rebooted without the Knoppix CD in, and my computer booted Windows normally. I was not given any choice about OS selection. I then re-installed and put the bootloader in the root partition, but was not able to get lilo or grub to work. I also tried using bootpart from Windows which did give me the selection of OS at bootup, but when I selected Linux it said that I needed to enter a system disk.

I would greatly appreciate any help. I know that Knoppix isn't designed for HD install, but I have tried other live CD's (SUSE, Ubuntu, Kanotix) and they don't work on my new computer (I'm guessing due to newer hardware). Thanks!

Harry Kuhman
10-03-2005, 07:53 PM
I know that Knoppix isn't designed for HD install, but I have tried other live CD's (SUSE, Ubuntu, Kanotix) and they don't work on my new computer
You seem to only be looking at live CD's, even though you say that you know Knoppix isn't intended for HD install. Have you even tried to install Debian (http://www.debian.org/) (the distro that Knoppix is based on that is intended for hard disk install)? If you have recently, what problems did you have that would be worse to resolve that the problems that are known to happen with Knoppix? And if you have not, please help me understand why people seem to keep insisting on installing Live CDs without even trying to install a current version of Debian.

10-03-2005, 08:55 PM
My thought process was that since Knoppix works perfectly on my computer (sound, video, network) and the other distributions did not, it would be beneficial to try and install ther version that works. Most of the other LiveCDs did not even boot on my computer. I have tried installing Ubuntu but it did not work on my computer. If Knoppix is a dead end, then I will go to their site and try to get more help installing. If you have a suggestion for another distribution to try to install, I would be more than willing to try. I'm new to Linux but willing to read and learn. I did try to read about other's success and failures prior to undertaking this venture. Thanks for your help.

Harry Kuhman
10-03-2005, 09:06 PM
If you have a suggestion for another distribution to try to install, I would be more than willing to try.
My suggestion was, and still is, Debian, the distro that Knoppix is based on. If Knoppix works on your system then you certainly should be able to get Debian to work also. Knoppix does have nicer hardware detection (it's still far from perfect), but Debian has improved a lot in recent years and installs with minimal effort. You avoid all of the problems of Knoppix being a mix of several different versions and not updating properly, things that used to work from the CD but break on a hard disk "install", and you can install easily any of the packages that are included with Knoppix and thousands more.

If people could say that they had tried to install a recent version of Debian but that they still wanted to install Knoppix instead and could state a good reason for that I could certainly respect that (or would try to resolve whatever issue thay were reporting). I do not respect beating your head against the wall with known Knoppix install problems when you have not even looked at a Debian install.

10-03-2005, 10:23 PM
I used to use bootpart. It's a pretty good bootloader. It sounds like its not seeing your Linux partition. I switched to Loadlin.exe because it's more versatile. Anyway.

Did you first use bootpart to list the numbers of all the partitions on you hard drive? You need to do that as a first step.

At that point you need to look at the number of the Linux partition you created. That is the number you use to tell bootpart where to look for you linux partition.

It will give you a number between 1 and 15. On your computer it should be low. You need to use that number to help bootpart create the boot file it will use.


10-03-2005, 11:45 PM
Bootpart did see the linux partition and successfully modified the boot.ini. When I selected the linux option at startup, I was given an error saying that I had to insert a system disk. I was therefore assuming that something was wrong with the Knoppix installation since it wasn't booting. I'm trying the network installation of Debian 3.1 right now, but it isn't finding my Ethernet card. I'll keep trying, but any other help would be greatly appreciated.

10-04-2005, 03:48 AM
Good to follow Harry's advice and try Debian.

Sounds like something went haywire in the Knoppix install.