View Full Version : network cards detected but no internet

10-04-2005, 05:01 AM
ok..just installed 4.02..and cant get connected to internet...it detects hardware and sets it up fine..loads drivers and firmware for my wireless ipw2100...shoows signal strenth at 100%..even if i plug in my cable to eth it wont work..and ive never had any distro not set dhcp on it..i thought it might be a firewall issue so i tried to adjust settings didnt matter..opened kpackage and searched for firewall and removed any packages for firewalling..but still no internet connection..browser just says "looking for google.com"..just as an example...the hardware is working but i cant get knoppix setup to use it...never had this problem in linux before.......ive tried all tools in the menu..but it just wont connects to internet....apt-get dose same thing..tried to connect ..but never dose...anyone know how to set up knoppix ..??

10-04-2005, 11:35 PM
two things i can think of that might help... goto the K-menu and go up to knoppix tab, then over to network and then network configuration... :D easy... that should do it... if not... then

open a shell/terminal what ever you really want to call it if there is a difference, and type

#ifdown -a
#ifup eth0

(btw, leave out the #)
that should do it... if it doesnt then


and post the results (once again leave out the #)