View Full Version : KLIK with NFS mounted $HOME

10-11-2005, 02:43 PM

I have some troubles with klik in a standard NIS/NFS environment (The $HOME directories of all our users are mounted via NFS and account information are distributed via NIS, Clients run SUSE 9.3, locally installed). The root on all our Clients is a local root (just for that machine) and not identical to the root on the NFS server. Now klik can't mount the cimg file (Unable to mount /tmp/app/1) when the cmg file lays in the $HOME of the user, but it works when the image is copied to /tmp (or any other local directory). I don't know if it's a permission problem, or if Linux at all is able to mount a loopback device via symlink to an NFS mounted file on a NFS Server with a different root user ...

But I'ld like esp. to allow our users to have the cmg file in their netwide $HOME directory, and not on a local filesystem again, because the whole idea behind the NIS/NFS environment is to have "roaming users", and not dedicated per user workstations.