View Full Version : Just got knoppix can't use Alcatel 330 USB

10-17-2005, 11:02 PM

I'v been thinking about moving to linux so thought i'd try knoppix out before hand. On getting it running I am trying to conenct to the net using my adsl connection (based in the uk)

I have no real idea where to start.
What i have done has found this site:


which claims to be a script that does exactly what I need!
One running the script I get prompted for a region so i select UK. Then (its in French) I assume a user name box followed by a password box. Upon entering the info user@isp.domain and my password the script does some processing (i can;t tell what, its in French) then stops with what i asume is a French error message.

If installing a simple USB modem is this painful I can't see my self bothering to move from windows.

Can anyone help with this dilema?

10-17-2005, 11:27 PM
lol theres a sticky thread on this at the top.
that'll learn me. Ignore this thread,

Edit: actually please do not ignore this thread. The above sticky thread was of no use in solving this problem.