View Full Version : Aureal Vortex AU8810 Working!!!

10-28-2005, 01:14 AM
After my Sound Blaster Live 5.1 card died recently, I got to wondering about my old Vortex Aureal 8810 card. I works in Knoppix using the CD and booting to the 2.6.9 kernel. It didn't seem right that it would not work in my setup that uses the 2.4.27 kernel. (HD Install of Knoppix 3.7).

I found a file at Sourceforge:


Downloaded it. Unpacked it. Installed it. I had to modify the modules-2.4.27 file to add a line for the au8810 module. The line is: au8810. :-)

The driver actually has a lot good documentation on how to install the card. This made installation a lot easier than I had hoped.

I had forgotten how good this card sounds. In many respects it's a better card than the Sound Blaster 5.1. Better highs. Less boomy bass. Clearer sound. Better sound processor.

Whee! I am a happy camper tonight.