View Full Version : Hanging during HDD install

11-17-2005, 05:02 AM
I have been running knoppix from cd on an old Compaq laptop without any trouble. However, when I try to install to HDD, I've encountered two different situations that have stopped the install process. In the first scenario, I follow the diecrtions, and the system hangs whiel formatting hda1. In the second scenario, the system didn't hang in formatting, started to copy files, and then it hung. System info: COmpaq 1230, 100MB RAM, 4GB HD

Any help would be appreciated.

Harry Kuhman
11-17-2005, 05:28 AM
Any help would be appreciated.
OK. Given that you have already determined that there is a problem installing Knoppix, at least give this a try (http://www.debian.org/).

11-17-2005, 10:53 AM
debian is a bit hard for someone new to linux... however ubuntu is derived from debian distro, and is kinda like knoppix in that case...

but how ever, its up to you in the end to try the distro you want...

11-28-2005, 09:24 PM
The reason I want to use knoppix is that it already recognizes my Microsoft (Yeah, I know!!!) wireless network card. Everything I read about configuring the damned thing makes me want to use an OS that already sees it. Any suggestions on what's hanging up the install, and how to get around it?