View Full Version : lm_sensors: sensors-detect problem...

11-22-2005, 01:40 AM
I'm trying to get lm_sensors2.9.2 work on my Knoppix4.0 (HDD intalled). I make the program installation like the docs explain. But when I try to run sensors-detect...

root@1[/]# sensors-detect
No i2c device files found. Use prog/mkdev/mkdev.sh to create them.

I'm a newbie (in process of learning). I don't know what is this script for and my Knoppix don't have it.
If someone could help, I really appreciate it. Thanxs in advance...

I made an stupid question. I found the script. It's in the lm_sensors package. I think it was part of the system... :oops: