View Full Version : How much disk space do I need for Knoppix installation?

12-07-2005, 11:57 AM
I've decided to install Knoppix 3.8 on my old pentium2@233MHz with 3.2GB disk space and 128MB of SDRAM,but I'm concern about how Knoopix will work on this pc with KDE ofcourse.Do I relly need a stronger PC or more disk space?Currently installed is slackware 10.1(with no KDE support) but I would change it to Knoppix!What do you guys think?I don't want Koppix to be extremly slow on this machine,and rather I wouldn't install it if so.

Harry Kuhman
12-07-2005, 04:31 PM
I think you should at the very least try Debian before you blindly jump to Knoppix. Knoppix is made from Debian, so you should be able to do anything with Debian that you can with Knoppix. You'll have a much more stable system since you would be likely using a single release, not the mix of releases that Knoppix is. And since you could install exactly what you want you would not have extra packages installed that you will never use and would even have some disk space left over for a needed Swap file and even for some extra packages that are not included on the Knoppix CD.

If you have tried installing Debian recently and still find some reason to "install" Knoppix instead, that's one thing and I respect it as an informed choice. If you blindly refuse to look at Debian and jump right to a Knoppix "install" with known problems, that a different matter and I do not respect that.

12-10-2005, 09:03 PM
Strange advice on Knoppix.net.

In my case, I don't really like Knoppix except as a toy, or for Kstars when I don't have it working elsewhere. Kanotix is so much better. IMO.

However, I am trying to do an install. In the Third World part of Mexico is a young woman who is finishing her work for a degree in Computer Science. She needs to do a server/client project in Linux. So, since there were no other Linux users, I started helping her. She didn't have any manuals; there are few on Internet in Spanish -- except for the manual for Knoppix, strange enough, since it is also not available in English. And, when I show up with latest iso's on CD, this is her only source of Linux distros.

She is determined to install Knoppix. Well, sports fans, Linux IS supposed to be about choice. And, that's her choice. I think part of it is her don't-give-up attitude, which is great for a newbie on Linux.

Telling her she is stupid (I think that is correct translation of your posting) to try to install Knoppix instead of your favorite Debian just doesn't seem right.

Also, that attitude precludes the many folks who are urged to try a Live-CD first, then install the one that suits them. Um. tru Knoppix and if you like it, install some other distro? :)

So far my only problem is some weird video problem. Works great in Live mode, but installed, the whole video is very small and curved at edges, and changing resolution makes application windows bigger than visible display so it must be a video driver problem.

Fortunately, based on attitudes here, I first posted on a mainstream linux forum. If they refer me here, I will tell them here there are two common answers here for problems:

1. Don't install Knoppix. It was not intended to be installed. Someone please tell the Knopper.

2. Don't install Knoppix. It sucks. Install someone's favorite distro or you won't be respected.

Before I care if someone respects me, first THEY need to earn respect.

Paprazzo, in Linux if you want to know something, try it. That 3.2 GB is miles more than you need. Will it be slow? Of course. When it does something big, go to the restroom. Though you think it will be wasted time to install it, everything you do in Linux is valuable experience.

I do recommend that you get a notebook, ordinary wire-wound is fine, and make notes so you don't forget the details.

If Knoppix doesn't work, try Kanotix. if that also doesn't work, try other LiveCD's. Try them live before installing. If Knoppix is slow live on that obsolete machine, it will certainly be slow installed. That is the glory of being able to try a CD live before installing it. Don't expect much help here, but on other forums there will be plenty. Of course, in spite of the macabre suggestion that you will be jumping blindly to Knoppix, Live CD will let you see it before you install. That makes so much more sense than trying something you can't see without installing. Trying Debian would indeed be jumping blindly.