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12-10-2005, 09:45 PM
Hey everyone. I am a mad linux fan and am so keen on the new Knoppix 4 I wanted to install to HDD (I know it changes the 'theme' of knoppix). I have Win XP Pro in hda 1 on my 56 Gb Sony Vaio PCG-Z1RSP laptop. Knoppix boots and recognizes everything including the new PCMCIA D-Link Air-Premier DWL-AG660 wireless adapter I have, flawlessly.

I open a root shell and tab

# knoppix-installer-latest-web

I make a 512 Mb Swap partition and set the rest as a / (Root) ext3 partition in QTParted. I go to the beginner style install and when I finally get to the section 'where to put the Lilo configurations for boot' I choose MBR.

All installed, I reboot and never get a boot screen option! It just boots Win XP :?

I have saved my Knoppix config to /dev/sda1 anyway, but I have an install on hda3 that won't boot. It is frustrating.

Another thing worth noting, I don't know it it's a Knoppix, Win XP or a Sony Vaio thing, but there is a small hidden partition called hda-1 NOT hda 1 that I cannot erase or format. I used to have FC3 on this laptop and wondered if it was from that? I even tried KILLDISK to try and remove it but no joy.

This aside, I just want to be able to boot either Knoppix (Debian) or WinXP on boot. Please help!


12-15-2005, 06:58 PM
google for that partition name. You will be amazed what shows up on google, even lengthy error messages are there with solutions.

Next, if you are confident it installed lilo, ahem, install a live knoppix Cd, then mount your ext 3 partition, and examine /etc/lilo.conf to see what is there. Though many do install Knoppix to HD, it is much more famous as rescue distro, which is waht you need. Use Knoppix to rescue Knoppix, hee, hee.

Should show something as default=. Also, if you see a line that says hiddenmenu put a # in front of it, and change timeout to maybe 100 so you can see menu and make selection. I just did my first multidistro install this last week, and it set up hiddenmenu and timeout = 1/2 second (5) and it went directly to linux, no menu displayed, and no delay. That was my first distro in that HD, CentOS 4.2.

I think Knoppix install defaults to linux, but better make sure.

What it sounds like is either lilo error, or hiddenmenu with a default to Win. That's exactly how it would act, no choice given, and boot directly to XP.

Always look for easy solutions first, especially if you are low on the training curve.

Since the gurus here do not recommend instlling Knoppix to HD, consider Kanotix to see if it works better. At least, you will get better help on their forum.