View Full Version : Still many problems with Debian install

12-16-2005, 12:49 PM
I have been struggling with Debian for a few weeks now, and am starting to feel that I am hitting a dead end.

1) I have to have a usb mouse plugged in, else KDE won't boot. (I have a wireless mouse and keyboard) When in KDE, the wireless mouse is very erratic and unusable. Here in KAnotix however, it is fine...

2) No WIreless network support included in installation, or on the first 2 CDs. I need ndiswrapper, wavelan and networkcard config to use my wireless internet. Even if I plug my PC direcly into the router, Debian still doesn't connect to the internet, beaming I can't just aptget them.

3) Can mount my primary windows harddrive in Debian, but KDE won't let me open it, hence I can't use any of the files there, including ndiswrapper etc which I donwloaded in Windows.

4) Can't mount and use my USB memory stick, same problem as before.

If all these worked, I would be happy, primarily the internet.

Should I try a different distribution? Are there any that include ndiswrapper etc so I can use it "straight out of the box"?

I looked at Ubuntu, but didn't like the GNOME environment, and it didn;t look like it incldued ndiswrapper. I know of Kubuntu, I may try this.

What should I do? Which distributions can I just use? I am enjoying my Linux adventure, and don't want to end it quite yet!

Thanks for your help,