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01-05-2006, 09:36 AM
We released New Xenoppix (based on Xen3.0, CD size).
Detail HP http://unit.aist.go.jp/itri/knoppix/xen/index-en.html
670MB knoppix_v4.0.2CD_20050923_xen3.0-20060104+IPAFont_cdsize.iso

# New Features
* Xen is updated to version 3.0.
* Host-Xenoppix(Knoppix on Domain0) boots Guest-Xenoppix(Knoppix on DomainU) with same kernel and same Root FileSystem.
* Network is selectable; "Bridge" or "NAT". "Bridge" mode requires external DHCP. "NAT" mode is independent of external network, so we can boot DomainU without network connection.

# Usage
* Boot with "KNOPPIX/Xen3.0" at GRUB menu.
* GuestOS(DomainU) is booted from command line. The command name is "knoppixU". When "nat" option is added, the network is NAT mode. If there is no option, the network is "Bridge mode" and requires external DHCP service.
Example: $ sudo knoppixU nat
CAUTION: The console shows boot sequence of GuestOS(DomainU). It includes many many Error messages (Examples´╝Ü Couldnt get a file descriptor, mmap /dev/map: Resource temporally unavailable). Don't care please.
* The boot of GuestOS takes about 5 minutes. :-)
* Xenoppix on DomainU boots with Full screen of "800x600". The
Xenoppix on DomainU accepts "shutdown" command . After shutdown,
it returns to Xenoppix on Domain0.

# Technical Detail
* Same Kernel(Linux2.6.13.6+Xen3.0) on Domain0 and DomainU.
* Same Root FileSystem(cloop file of CD-ROM) on Domain0 and DomainU.
* DomainU maps CD-ROM directly. Description of domain setting file. disk = ['phy:/dev/cdrom,hdc,r']
* Device Mapper is not used. The update of GuestOS is covered by"UNIONFS" of original KNOPPIX. Thanks, Klaus. :-)

# Download iso file (670MB CD size MD5: 85ca43cb4bfeb43c27a47af2b898200d)
Bittorrent file http://unit.aist.go.jp/itri/knoppix/xen/knoppix_v4.0.2CD_20050923_xen3.0-20060104+IPAFont_cdsize.iso.torrent
FTP ftp://ring.aist.go.jp/archives/linux/knoppix/iso/knoppix_v4.0.2CD_20050923_xen3.0-20060104+IPAFont_cdsize.iso
HTTP http://ring.aist.go.jp/archives/linux/knoppix/iso/knoppix_v4.0.2CD_20050923_xen3.0-20060104+IPAFont_cdsize.iso

# Next Plan
* HTTP-FUSE Xenoppix
* Xenoppix Intel VT version