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01-11-2006, 06:24 PM
How are you knoppix experts?I wish a happy new year to all.I am a very new user of knoppix,before all I read for a month live knoppix.Than last weekend I download the knoppix v4.0.2 dvd thru bittorrent, I made my dell 8300 boot from my dvd player.Everything went fine I cheked the kde and gnome desk top and start Following in love with linux.After that experience I was ready to create a dual boot in oder to be part of linux.But when I try to reebot to windos xp my hardrive it dissapear.Than I checked my bios and appears to be disconnected after I use knoppix.Now I am asking for your help in this matter.I have windows xp svce pack 1 and I use pentuim 4 2.80 intel chip.The live dvd that I download is for all intel chips.Iam located in N.Y so I realy hoppe that somebody help me. :oops:

01-11-2006, 07:55 PM
Knoppix and Linux is pretty cool!

You are on your way.

Ok, it sounds like you did a common newbie mistake of overwriting your HDD's master boot record by installing Lilo over it thus trashing the MBR that XP uses.

To fix Windows XP so it will boot again you can easily do this with FDISK /MBR. This assumes you have a DOS disk with FDISK on it. If not you will have to use your Windows XP install disk and have it boot to the command console. It will have commands in it like "Fix MBR" and "Make System Bootable". I haven't looked at it in a while so the wording is probably not exact. (I don't use Windows much anymore) :-)

I think you will need to reinstall Knoppix. But this time, put Lilo on the Linux partition you created for Knoppix. Be very careful about that.