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02-18-2006, 12:36 PM
I am interested in developing an application based on the lines of kilk...A search and auto-install utility for linux ...
Do ref http://galbotixpensive.blogspot.com/2006/02/i-was-thinking-about-project-which-our.html
for more details....and yes I think Kilk is the best thing that has happened to linux since KDE...



02-18-2006, 02:40 PM
I agree that a search function and more structure would be great for the klik site, but why do you want to start a separate project? What would you want to change in klik to make it fit your needs?

The source code for the klik client is in the file itself (it's a shell script)


02-19-2006, 02:04 PM
We are trying to make the " Application Search and Install Utility" newbie friendly....in other words instead of actually mentioning the name of the application like say...K3B or MPlayer, he/she can just lookout for a CD-Burner or a Media Player. Besides the search result would have to be in a descending order of popularity of application. Thus ..... e.g.

1) Thunderbird
2) Evolution
3) Mutt
4) Pine

would be the result when searched for "Email Client". And yes we require kilk for installing say...Thunderbird if its not already installed.
What do you think ?



02-25-2006, 02:55 PM
Extremely cool. If I may make a suggestion, please do it as a web page using PHP and mysql, this way it runs anywhere and it could be easily integrated with the distro's package archives and with klik.

If you want, I would even integrate this in the main klik site.


03-05-2006, 11:07 AM
Thanks a lot..probono. I think our brief chat at #klik was quite useful. I've written a small README file about how the website might be like. Besides I've also included a UML class diagram describing the core division which I intend to make. I request all those who are interested in this work to mail me their ideas at sniphadkar@gmail.com.

The idea file can be downloaded from here (http://www.fileupyours.com/files/21815/Klik_Idea.ZIP)



03-08-2006, 12:16 PM
Chad Martin just wrote me:
"I just launched a website called Linux App Finder"

He also categorizes software. Maybe we can all work together... on categories, and ranking apps by popularity (which is easy since klik counts the number of downloads).

Which categorization system is widely used and accepted, and provides a good and clear hierarchy?

03-10-2006, 11:04 PM
Chad here. I just came across this post and it seems like galbotrix's idea is similar to what led me to create Linux App Finder in the first place. I was using Xandros at the time and I liked their menu structure and Xandros Networks, but it was also too constraining. I wanted to be able to ignore libraries and just see the main program packages (leaving apt to handle the rest). I later found that Linspire's CNR worked similar to what I wanted, but I didn't want to have to pay for it, and I liked the idea better than their implementation of it. All of this led me to start 3 projects.

The first is Linux App Finder (http://linuxappfinder.com). Through this site I have been able to figure out categorization and content, although I'm always looking for better ideas. It's the basis for everything else. As probono suggests, popularity is definitely useful and something I currently do by tracking page views. Some better metrics and allowing for user ratings would be useful though.

The second is a distro with custom menus and menu entries. I got tired of so many programs not having menu entries at all, and so many others starting with K and not being descriptive. I don't have a web site yet because I have been devoting most of my spare time to Linux App Finder, but I did modify the Debian Sarge net installer to install PrismOS which has all of my custom menus, config, and package selection. It downloadable from here (http://linuxappfinder.com/PrismOS/PrismOS_gold.iso) and uses the 2.6.12 kernel. I'm trying to switch to the Etch installer and create a version using Ubuntu Dapper (which also uses the Etch installer), but I must be missing a step because I'm still getting some errors installing both my custom packages and GRUB to the target. I have loaded the prism-menu (http://linuxappfinder.com/debian/pool/main/p/prism/prism-menu_0.0.8_all.deb) package onto a standard Debian and Kubuntu successfully. Uninstalling the package reverts to the original KDE menus.

The third project is a Software Manager which I have not started yet and probably won't get to for a while. This is the piece closer to what galbotrix is describing. It would use the same category structure as Linux App Finder, but with the program names used by prism-menu (i.e. PDF Viewer instead of KPDF, etc.). I'd try to retain some of the look and feel of the website if possible, but make it easy to search both locally installed packages and what is available in the Debian repositories from sources.list. My eventual goals also include incorporating autopackage and Klik files so every piece of software can be managed together.

Overall it sounds like our end goal is pretty similar.

03-26-2006, 03:48 PM
Thanks Chad....your comments and suggestions are of significant value to me and my mates developing the project. Incidently we are little busy with our course work here, thats the reason for our prolonged absence :wink: .

But we would be free by 2nd week of next month and after that our main goal would be to work hard on this installer and package utilility application. Incidently, I've prepared a brief survey which might help us in developing this application. You can find it here (http://www.fileupyours.com/files/21815/survey.txt). I think since this would be our first FOSS project we would require consistent help from people like Chad and probono. In any case we are formulating a site to keep you all posted about our development and just for the time being My blog (http://galbotixpensive.blogspot.com/) would be the best place to know the details about this project.

Thanks to all once again