View Full Version : re: Knoppix 4.0 and Gateway 838GM No Display

03-26-2006, 09:54 PM
I downloaded the latest 4.0 DVD last nite and tried to boot today with the following results
The disk was seen, and the text boot prompt appeared.
Note this system has 512MB of ram with an integrated I910GL controller sharing memory. The video controlller is set for 128MB at the moment.
I selected knoppix, and later knoppix fb1280x1024 and the boot began.
The coloured text screen showing hardwared detection showed over 300MB allocated to the swap drive.
Detection continued for a while, stopping when the screen clears, and (I believe) the graphics display mode is entered.
At this point, multi-colored vertical lines started to appear on the display, (the text was gone).
Drive activity continued (probably unaware it was running in the video ram space.
Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

I've been able to boot to level three.
Running dmesg, shows the video card recognized.
I believe the problem is the shared memory is allocating space the is in the video card work space.
The smalles aperature I can set for the display is 128MB. I only have 512MB of ram in the system.
When running windows, only 11MB is shown as used.