View Full Version : How does Klik working? (Few questions)

04-17-2006, 03:07 PM

I'have readed the FAQ in the Wiki, and still left with some questions.

1. Is the CMG file is identical between distribution? I mean, Is the CMG made on my desktop in Ubuntu (for example), and the one that my friend have in Mandriva identical?

1.1 If there are identical, is it possible for me to pass the file to a friend by email and it'll run ? (when klik installed ofcourse)

2. When trying to lunch a Klik program, it complains to me that he need to download DEB files (i'm using ubuntu)... How is it possible? Why does he download multiple DEB files if he uses only ONE file? ... Why does he download DEB file at all? Isn't he suppose to download only CMG file?

Thank you,


04-30-2006, 09:14 AM
1. Currently not yet, but with things like the Linux Standards Base (LSB) it will move into that direction. It is the ulimate goal that any cmg runs on any distribution. Currently, things like incompatibility of libstdc++5 and 6 prevent this.

1.1 Yes, if the two distros are not too different (e.g., a cmg created on Mandriva or Suse 10 should also run under Suse 10.1).

2. klik creates cmg files from existing deb, rpm, tgz,... files. Those are needed only for creating the cmg file, and are deleted thereafter.