View Full Version : NTFS safety via NTFS4DOS + WINE

05-08-2006, 05:42 PM
I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of NTFS4DOS (http://www.datapol-technologies.com/dpe/recovery/ntfs/index.html)? I recently stumbled onto it in the description of another live-cd which seems to be primarily meant for working with DOS/Windows partitions. It would be nice if the NTFS4DOS program could be run in WINE (if possible) and allow for safe NTFS writting for both novice and expert users alike.

Feedback on this idea would be very much appreciated, especially feedback as to whether or not this tool is any safer than already existing NTFS write tools for linux.

EDIT: The other live cd was based on Bartpe, I can't seem to remember its name or find it however.