View Full Version : HD install on a SCSI HD not recognized by BIOS

06-12-2006, 09:18 AM
I am able to complete a successfull Knoppix HD install on /dev/sda (root, swap, ...)
But the sda partitions are only visible to Knoppix.
It even uses the swap.

But the SCSI hard disk is just not visible to the BIOS so I cannot get it to boot from /dev/sda.
See all the details here:

There are no other hard disks on this PC, just a CDROM on /dev/hda.

Is there a way to boot from a floppy and have it recognize the SCSI hard disk
so that the HD installed Knoppix can boot up from /dev/sda partition?

The floppy built at the end of the knoppix-installer does not help.
When I boot from this floppy, I get the expected Grub error:
"Error 21: Selected disk does not exist."

But if I boot off the Knoppix CDROM, there it is - the
whole Knoppix HD installed on /dev/sda with all the files.

06-14-2006, 01:57 AM
As per Adaptec documentation, turns out that the Adaptec AHA-2910C SCSI card is not bootable.

So I used the suggestions mentioned in this post:

Now I boot from a DOS floppy.
Instead of using the CDROM, I copied the contents of the
KNOPPIX CD on an 800 Mb FAT partition on the SCSI disk.

(I need the CDROM to be free for other uses.)

I used Adaptec's scsi drivers to boot from the floppy
and access the 800 Mb "C" drive.

Loadlin can boot linux.
In other words, loadlin.exe on the floppy (for DOS) boots Kooppix (on the SCSI hard disk).