View Full Version : SCSI drive always mounts as read only.

06-19-2006, 08:07 PM
Knoppix 1cd 5.0

Using a IDE drive to play around with.

Want to mount, wipe and shred a stack of SCSI drives using Knoppix. (Smashing them will work, but it'd be a shame to do that if I can avoid it.)

The problem;

Boots fine and can get to GUI and mount and write to HDA1 from the desktop.

Can mount SDA1 (and SDA2 if there is more than one partition). But they appear as a "USB Thumb drive" icon with "Hard Disk" label.

Using the "make read/write" on right click. Status does not change on SDA1. Can't write to it at all, but can delete some things not not marked as "read only". (I believe the particular drive I am starting on is NTFS.)

Basically, I would like to use Knoppix to destroy data... only I don't know how it would be different for a SCSI drive from and IDE drive.

shred -n 2 -v -z -f /dev/hda1

Works fine.

shred -n 2 -v -z -f /dev/sda1

Errors out with "Failed to open for writing: Operation not Permitted"

Where can I poke this to get it to let me destroy the data on these drives?


06-19-2006, 08:45 PM
As it turns out, the "Konsole" Shell runs as a lower access user than I needed.

Found the "Root Shell" in K | NOPPIX | Root Shell. The command worked fine in there. (I assume that runs as "root" for Knoppix purposes.)

Now happily destroying data. :)