View Full Version : 5.0.1EN: "Save KNOPPIX configuration" only Floppy

06-20-2006, 06:43 PM
with 4.0.2, and earlier (CD / DVD), no problems with "Create a persistent KNOPPIX disk image", "SWAP file configuration" und "Save KNOPPIX configuration". "image" and "configuration" on sbd8, "swap" on hda5 (sdb8 no difference). so some of my info was saved, but after restart I still had to make sdb8 and hda5 accessible (why is this not done automatically??).

the setup is recognised by DVD 5.0.1, but when I want to "Save KNOPPIX configuration", only the Floppy is found: but sbb8 and hda5 are accessible (even Disks agrees). even as root no succes!
even worse: No suitable partitions are found (for image and swap)

4.0.2 gave me ALL Partitions, those that were still inaccessible too!!

Help, am I messing up??

thx, ben

PS 1: most HDpartitions on the desktop are shown as an USB-drive. why??
2: I have to readjust my time every once and a while. why??