View Full Version : Knoppix 3.9 + NxServer - No X session

06-20-2006, 06:57 PM
I have been fighting with Freenx and NoMachines Nxclient for a long time now, with little success. My main box is Mandriva 2006, and I can not get it talking to Ubuntu, it will not authenticate.

I decided to try Knoppix 3.9 as the server and the clinet is on my Mandriva box. I started up Nxserver, added user knoppix, with a passwork of test.

I get a session, all I see is the Available Sessions list come up. I can see the session from the server end as well if I do a nxserver --list.

I do not get a X session, although the available sessions list says under the display column '1000 kn'

Some questions, in my hosts.deny file I have an ALL:ALL denyal of service. In Hosts.allow file I have :

portmap: , , , ,

lockd: , , , ,
rquotad: , , , ,
mountd: , , , ,
statd: , , , ,
sshd sshd1 sshd2 : , , , ,

I set this up for NFS, and added the sshd line to allow for sshing... Is there some ervice I need to add to allow the X session???

If I'm way off base here, anyone got any ideas why I don't get a X session?

BTW, if you know of any documents that explain how to handle key files, for permissions, owner and location for this to work, I would be most appreciated.