View Full Version : How to play an mp3 stream (live radio) URL from the command?

06-21-2006, 02:26 AM
This Knoppix system is booted at runlevel 3
because the monitor is not working properly.

That is ok, for now.
I can ssh into this Knoppix box because sshd starts with the "knoppix.sh".

After I ssh into this Knoppix system, I want to play an mp3 stream (live radio) URL:

Usually, on this Knoppix desktop when I click on this URL on their web page
then xmms - the default player for this content - starts playing the stream.

How can I play this url with ssh access?
In other words, how do I play an mp3 stream URL via the command line?
With xmms or something else.

FYI, I have wireless speakers connected to this Knoppix system.