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07-04-2006, 03:16 AM
The first thing is to backup your MBR before starting.
MBRWork - Freeware utility to perform some common and
uncommon MBR and disk functions. Provided As-Is.

It can perform the following:

1 - Backup the first track on a hard drive.

2 - Restore the backup file.

3 - Reset the EMBR area to all zeros.

4 - Reset the MBR are to all zeros.

5 - Install standard MBR Code

6 - Set a partition active (avail on the command line too)

7 - Work with multiple hard drives.



Harry Kuhman
07-04-2006, 04:04 AM
A lot of spam is removed from this website on a daily basis. This posting has many things in common with much of the spam we see; it was a first time post by a new user who just signed up right before posting it, it contains a URL promoting something, and there are things about the profile created that are more common to spam posts than legitimate posts. Still, it does look, at least from the content of the message that this may be a legitimate post, and t was not made from a blacklisted IP address. So at least for now it is being left on the forum. If anyone does follow the link I suggest they exercise proper care and use safe surfing techniques, do not assume that just because the link is posted on this forum the moderators have folowed it and confirmed it is safe ( I have not and will not). If anyone does find any problem with the linked site please post back here about it and we can take proper action.

07-04-2006, 08:26 AM
No, it is not spam. It is a better solution than booting from the WinXP cd and
attempting to execute fixmbr. I politely refrained from offering the better
advice of never putting a Linux program in the MBR when dual booting WinXP
especially if it is still your primary OS. I saw solutions for fixing the MBR once
it had been corrupted->a day late and a dollar short, but no warning to back
up the MBR before starting the dubious practice of putting Knoppix on the
hard drive. I read that "dubious" here, I was thinking about putting Knoppix
on my hard drive and I came across posts crying about losing the WinXP
partition. That only happens if you select the MBR instead of boot-partition.
I think it is much cleaner to use boot.ini Many rescue disks include EditBINI
which is another free utility. That avoids ever having to write an article that
includes ..."how to ungoof your mbr". I got into this habit after too many
corrupted MBRs over the years. Also it used to be resizing an NTFS partition
was none too reliable with Linux which is why I used PM. But I've seen the
boundaries mismatched with Dos fdisk there too. I suppose my first post
was too brief--I was thinking a word to the wise is sufficient.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,