View Full Version : Knoppix as a dedicated network resource?

07-10-2006, 11:10 PM
I was in our server room trying to figure out why our DNS machine was crapping out. Turns out that it just needed a reboot. We have several machines on our network, for instance, one is a firewall box running Smoothwall, another is an FTP/DNS machine, another is mail, and another is a webserver.

After my DNS box adventure, I thought to myself "Why can't I just master a Knoppix to do this if there's an emergency?". Put the basic stuff on there so that it functions enough to keep everyone working until we can get a hard disk replaced.

I know this may be painfully obvious but had anyone else done this or heard of it or know of any related resources? I would really like to go on vacation at some point and not worry about our network.

I asked this same question on the usenet group and the response is below..
"I know PCLinuxOS allows you to use mkfsios (or something like that, please
excuse my ignorance on this command), to effectively take your currently
running system and create a liveCD/dvd that will run that same environment.

Possibly other distros (I would think this is true) allow you to do the

Pretty nifty trick..... "

Is this true? I would really love to spend more time developing code