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08-05-2006, 12:58 PM
I have tried to find an answer for my trouble in this forum and anothers. So i'm sorry if i haven't been patient enough or if i have missed something in front of my eyes. By the way all answers i got is telling that there is nothing to do anymore and i don't like to believe that :-)

But in to my problem:

My windows crashed one night and when i next tried to open my XP it took about one hour to get it loaded. I tried to open my one partition (K:) and it gave me an error "Error performing inpage operation". Then i tried to open other partitions and it opened just two of 'em which both are in same HD and other ones in another. I opened my computers shell and tried to hear something i didn't wan't to and here it came *click*. I read some forums and about knopppix.

When i finally got my knoppix work it showed me my all partitions. I found three dirty ones and forced to continue. In one partition which contains my stuff i like to rescue, it gave me three folders, but there should be five. Including one i wan't to rescue. I'm really confused cause i can see three folders of five but i'm missing two. Is them gone and is my hard disk crashed totally or do i still have way to find my stuffs and rescue them and the problem is just in one partition of HD?

Thank You!

Harry Kuhman
08-05-2006, 03:07 PM
Knoppix can often give access to a windows partition even when windows has problems with it, but this is really a windows problem, not a Knoppix or Linux problem, and if the data is deleted or too damaged Knoppix simply may not be able to read it. There are some Live CD that are designed specifically for data recovery and forensic data work, such as Helix, that might help. But you may need to start accepting that your data has moved on to that big bit bucket in the sky if that doesn't help.