View Full Version : Streaming Server on a SMALL distro on ancient laptop

09-21-2006, 03:04 AM
In an effort to rid the winvirus infestation I have I am looking to find one of the small linux distros that can act as a
streaming server in MP3 or Ogg or both (meaning create TWO STREAMS at the SAME TIME based on the client request, if thats even possible?!?? If XMMS client request Ogg they get Ogg, if they request MP3 they get MP3, and there could be a mix of clients getting a mix of Ogg or Mp3,)

Now I am going to throw the monkey wrench in things...

I need it to work on an old Pentium 133MHz 64MB laptop that presently runs winvirus 95 and winvirus encoder 4.1.

It needs to work with this ancient laptop, generic 16 bit PCMCIA net card, built in audio. The laptop is one of the Winbook units that was made under
OEM contract for another generic no name PC company LONG GONE.

I would really prefer that it boots from CD or even better boots from a floppy (since I have to use Smartbooter on a floppy to get it to boot to
CD) and be able to be left to its own devices. Something like http://www.rimboy.com/rimdistro/rimiradio/ RIMiRadio is nice, but its ANCIENT and not current or updated in 4 years. Something that is pre made with Icecast like above or has synaptic or similar package suite to install Icecast.

It needs to support at max 10-15 users, which I don't think I really ever had more than 5-6, but a little room would be nice.

Something with one of the small window managers like XFCE or similar to make it simple to setup and manage.

Any way to accomplish this? ?? ? ?

Is any of these able to work with my minimalistic config:

Vector Linux
Xubuntu (seems to need 128MB, but I can't get firm requirement)