View Full Version : Knoppix AVFS

10-09-2006, 07:45 PM
Hello everyone. I am currently attempting to hook up a Hard Drive from a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000 HDR Cable box. I was told it had AVFS and ITFS format on the drive which supposdely deals with Linux so I decided to get Knoppix and try it out. I created a boot dvd for Knoppix and it works well. I also partitioned and formated another hard drive in my computer as FAT32 so that knoppix could write to it. When I hook up a NTSF and FAT32 hard drives Knoppix sees them just fine. When I hook up the FAT32 and the HD from the cable box Knoppix sees the FAT32 hard drive on the desktop but not the other one on the desktop. If I go to devices the one from the cable box is there, but when I go to open it it says Knoppix was unable to mount it due to lack of recognition of the file type. Anyone know how I can get some OS that will recognize this HD so I can pull information off of it? I would be very greatful of any info yall might have that will help with this.

Frank T