View Full Version : Downloading Knoppix 5.1 - Dual Boot plans as usual-new here.

01-02-2007, 01:27 PM

I've never used Knoppix before and I have a dual-boot system.
WindowsXP + Elive (at the moment).

I've done many installs next to my XP partition (like Sabayon, Ubuntu, DreamLinux etc).

I just put the LiveCD in my drive, start the distro and hit 'install to disk', then I choose my Linux partition with the old distro on it, hit delete partition and make a new one instead and just start the install and write the GRUB to my MBR.
It never have damaged my bootloader so my XP always stayed intact in the bootmenu.

I'm downloading Knoppix right now and expect the same way to install it but I see so many topics about installations.... Is there something different about a Knoppix install ? Can my WindowsXP or bootloader-menu be damaged or fail when I delete my Elive partition and make a new one after Knoppix is loaded from CD and do an installation to Disk ??

The forum made me feel unsecure now to do what I always do, so wanna know for sure .


01-02-2007, 02:22 PM
hmm reply to myself...

I thought knoppix was like Ubuntu which should be installed on HD an can also run from LiveCD but now I see that it's ONLY meant to use from the livecd (and some people did succeed to install it on HD but it was not meant for)

Damn.... I was hoping to see something like SabayonLinux... a distro with Beryl preinstalled and codecs/drivers and stuff, but this time based on Debian instead of Gentoo.

(that's why I hate Ubuntu, you start from scratch and have to install Beryl yourself and then it works very buggy or Sabayon which is based on Gentoo, so you can't use apt-get and using portage is crap)

So I thought knoppix would be the solution.... too bad, I was not looking for just a live-cd which isn't meant to install to HD, just running live.

I cancelled the download because I need a complete distro with Beryl preinstalled for my HD but based on Debian.

I think I'll have to wait till some developer sees the light and will do the same like Sabayon but this time debian based .


01-02-2007, 03:21 PM
I think the latest kanotix (http://www.kanotix.com)has all you're looking for; unfortunately I cannot find back the release notes for 2006-01-RC4...

01-05-2007, 10:33 AM
I think the latest kanotix (http://www.kanotix.com)has all you're looking for; unfortunately I cannot find back the release notes for 2006-01-RC4...

I found it: http://kanotix.com/Article181.html

Compiz instead of Beryl, I can live with that, thanks for your reply, gonna try this one :)